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Truvy is a health and wellness company that offers natural products such as weight loss supplements that come in various forms such as powder and gummies. Founded in 2014, the company has found great success selling their supplements worldwide.
However, the business struggled with regulations and advertising rules online. It was difficult to get approval from social platforms to advertise due to the sensitive nature of weight loss products. Online advertising had such a great potential for sales but could Truvy advertise on these platforms?

In order to increase online sales, Truvy needed to:

Follow social media’s vague rules and regulations
Create compelling ad creative and ad strategy to sell more products.

To help achieve these goals, some of Truvy’s top sellers hired Gattaca Media back in 2019 to run their digital advertising and ad creatives online. In the past three years, we’ve helped Truvy maintain consistent revenue despite changes in the marketing industry. Here’s how we added $2 million a year in new attributed sales for Truvy three years in a row.


A few years ago, social platforms like Facebook and Instagram cracked down hard on weight loss companies. These platforms heavily restricted what you could or could not say and what you could or could not show in your ad creatives. Rules and regulations on the social platforms against weight loss products were vague and inconsistent. The approvals or disapprovals seemed to come randomly despite strict adherence to the directives.
We quickly realized we needed to think outside the box to communicate what Truvy was and how it could help customers without being too explicit in what it was. Our strategy became one of trial and error coupled with great data tracking and out of the box thinking.

Using Google, Facebook, and Instagram we focused on compelling content and creative as well as building a high converting landing page. On the landing page, we emphasized getting potential customers to sign up for free samples or discounted products. Then, we would hit these customers with consistent retargeting through ads and email campaigns.


Although it took a few months, we managed to maintain consistent sales for Truvy. We continued to produce new creative and revise our strategy based on learnings. Since 2019, we’ve generated more than $6 million in total sales for Truvy.
As always, it’s important to note that Truvy deserves most of the credit. The company developed a great product and brand that customers love. We just found an effective way to advertise on social platforms while still following the rules.

The lesson? New rules and regulations mean it's more important than ever to adapt, pivot and/or innovate to survive in marketing. If you’re not constantly looking for new ways to drive more sales, you will fail.
“Gattaca Media has been wonderful to work with in managing our online presence and marketing. They have increased our sales dramatically while keeping our cost per acquisition low."

Denise Chugg

Truvy Top Seller

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