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Scotfest is an authentic celebration of Scottish and Celtic culture celebrated in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The yearly event features bagpipes, concerts, competitions, dances, and other cultural events. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Scotfest had to cancel their 2020 event.
With the cancelation of 2020’s event, Scotfest was concerned about 2021’s turnout. Would people attend the event? Could they sell enough tickets? Scotfest had a clear goal:

Raise more pre ticket sales than the last event (2019)

To help achieve this lofty goal, Scotfest hired Gattaca Media to manage all of their digital marketing. Here’s how we helped Scotfest achieve 264% growth in ticket sales.


With five months until the event, we set out to build a robust marketing strategy that included multiple social platforms, special offers, extensive retargeting, and audience testing. Scotfest made a lot of this easy with their large collection of creative assets including images, video and content. It made producing ad creatives a breeze.
Using ad platforms like YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Instagram, we hyper-targeted people  within a 50 mile radius of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Using multiple tests, we figured out the audiences that produced the best Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Throughout the five month campaign, we average a Return on Ad Spend of 17x.


We're happy to report not only did Scotfest see a 264% growth in online sales but online ticket sales this year out performed total ticket sales in 2019. It's EXTREMELY important to note that Scotfest deserves 99.99% of the credit. They put on a fantastic event and have been doing it for years. All we did was help get the word out digitally.
The lesson? Plan ahead and be consistent if you want to acquire significant ticket sales for your event. Although we averaged a 17x ROAS, there were a few weeks where that number was below a 4x. But we consistently ran relevant ads, making sure to put in fresh creative from time to time to keep the frequency low.
“Gattaca Media helped us increase pre-sale tickets for our large event by 264%, a truly impressive return. Easy to work with and great communication along with fair prices. Highly recommend!”

Kristoffer Morrison

Director of Sponsorships at Scotfest

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