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Patriot Power Source is a family business based out of South Carolina that sells lithium batteries for golf carts, RVs and boats. The owners have more than 25 years of experience in lithium batteries but started a new brand, Patriot Power Source, to target the golf cart, RV and boat industries.
The problem for Patriot was that the business was brand new compared to their competitors who have been established brands. Also, buying lithium batteries is an expensive purchase (more than $2,000). The business had success with over the phone sales to dealers but struggled to make digital marketing sales work. How do you sell an expensive product online? In order to achieve aggressive growth, Patriot needed to:

Build their brand presence online

Increase monthly sales

To help achieve aggressive growth, Patriot Power Source hired Gattaca Media to run all of their digital advertising. Here’s how we helped Patriot Power Source increase monthly revenue by 136%.


Patriot Power Source recommended we target the golf cart market since competitors didn’t focus enough on it. Knowing the sales cycle would be longer due to the price, we developed an extensive sales funnel that included discount codes, lead collection, email drip campaigns, robust content, and aggressive retargeting.
Using these strategies and tactics, we were able to target the right demographics and get decent engagement. We had an average cost per lead of $1.20 and generated more than 600 leads. Our email open rates were more than 60% and the click-through rates were 8.8%. For perspective, average open rates are 20% and click-through rates are 2.5%.


After 30 days of running campaigns, we were able to generate an increase of 136% in monthly revenue for Patriot Power Source. We outperformed expectations so much that Patriot Power Source actually sold out of inventory for a time. As always, it’s important to note that Patriot Power Source deserves most of the credit. They developed a great product that customers love. We just ran their digital marketing.
The lesson? Larger purchase items can sell successfully online. It requires a great offering, strong content, solid email strategy, and aggressive retargeting.
“Our sales have increased dramatically and the return has more than paid for the investment in a good marketing team. Couldn't recommend Gattaca Media highly enough!!”

Trey Conrad

Co-Owner at Patriot Power Source

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