Paradise Creek Recovery Center


increase in on-site conversion rates


Paradise Creek Recovery is a successful addiction treatment center in Idaho. Despite being a successful clinic, Paradise Creek Recovery struggled to attract patients online. Their lead volume was low and very expensive. The clinic was frustrated. How can other clinics have success with online digital marketing while Paradise Creek Recovery couldn’t seem to get traction?
Paradise Creek Recovery needed to accomplish two things simultaneously in order to make digital marketing successful. They needed to:

Increase quality lead volume

Decrease the cost per lead

They hired Gattaca Media to tackle these two problems and get the clinic long-lasting results. Here’s how we increased Paradise’s on-site conversion rates by 300% in less than 3 months.


We got to work immediately auditing and troubleshooting their current marketing efforts. After some digging, we found the main culprit. It turns out their average load time for their site was 9 seconds. To put that in perspective, a business loses roughly 25% of its online visitors if the site takes over 4 seconds to load.
The solution? We removed their visual web builder. They were using a popular template that looked great but was killing site speed. Although it made the site look slick, it was hurting conversions. The vast majority of people were looking at the website on their phone and the template took too long to load.


After some A/B tests and redesigns, we got their site speed down to a 3 second load time (300% increase). Coupled with some optimizations of their ad campaigns, cost per lead went from $80 to $20 and site conversions continued to improve.
The lesson? Remove fancy templates and plugins from your website. They’re destroying your onsite conversion. Remember that less is more.
“Our market is a very specific one and so it takes a great deal of focused detail to attract traffic to our site. Gattaca Media has been successful in doing so and we continue to see improvements every month. I could not be more pleased.”

Dr. Matthew Hedelius

President at Paradise Creek Recovery

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