About Gattaca Media

What does “Gattaca” mean?

The word “Gattaca” comes from the four chemical molecules found in DNA: G, T, A, and C. Collectively, these unique molecules contain all the information required to build and maintain an organism. Similarly, we at Gattaca Media create and implement unique marketing strategies to produce a healthy business for our clients.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional value to our clients.

Karl Beckert

Chief Executive Officer

Karl has been working in marketing with start ups since his days in high school. Over the past 10 years, he's had the opportunity to partner with incredible brands and see amazing growth. His ability to problem solve and drive marketing results is unmatched. When Karl's not cranking away at the office you can find him getting spoiled by his wife and 4 daughters.

Brent Beckert

Chief Operations Officer

Brent has over five years experience in marketing and growing businesses. He believes marketing and business success are founded on a relentless pursuit of perfection. His drive keeps Gattaca Media moving. Sadly, Brent is related to Karl. He spends his free time with his wife watching The Office reruns and learning all he can about Disney.

Ryan Gray

Chief Revenue Officer

Ryan has over a decade of experience in business development and lead generation in multiple industries. He believes success starts with great relationships and transparent communication. Relationship building is core to everything he does at Gattaca Media. In his free time, Ryan likes to hike, camp and bike with his wife and two kids.

Trevon Campbell


Trevon is passionate about creating engaging video content that promotes brand awareness and helps drive sales. He works hard to make content that helps people understand the value of a product or service. Trevon likes to spend his free time creating videos, camping, and learning languages.

Hannah Gray

Account Strategist - Creative

Hannah was the first hire at Gattaca Media and has been instrumental in the company’s growth. She heads the creative team providing engaging content, high-value landing pages, and exceptional creative for our clients. Funny enough, no relation to Ryan Gray. In her free time, she loves to spend it outdoors camping and biking with her husband.

Alex Astle

Account Strategist - Operations

Alex has a keen eye for ways Gattaca Media can improve. His role is to ensure our operation team executes for our clients and that we deliver consistent results. Alex’s project management skills are crucial to Gattaca Media’s success. When there’s time, Alex loves to spend it with his wife watching and playing sports.

Mason Richins

Operations Associate

Mason asks excellent questions that help the team improve strategy and execution. He helps audit accounts daily as well as pull the necessary data to ensure everything is running and reporting correctly for our clients. Mason loves sports whether that’s playing with friends, supporting his local Aggies, or watching at home.

Nate Zabel

Operations Associate

Nate started his first business when he was in high school. He brings that entrepreneurial spirit to everything he does for our clients. Nate helps in data pulling and analysis to help identify areas of improvement as well as opportunity. In his free time, Nate enjoys participating and watching sports.

Brooke Ludlow

Paid Media Associate

Brooke brings a psychological perspective to marketing strategies and tactics with her studies in Human Experience Design and Interaction at Utah State University. Brooke helps manage Google ad strategy and execution for our clients. When she’s not working or studying, Brooke likes to play pickleball, roller blade, make cookies, or take a nap.

Ty Eskelson

Paid Media Associate

Ty is a self-starter that doesn’t shy away from hard work. He isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Ty helps manage the Facebook strategy and execution for our clients to ensure great returns on the platform. In his off hours, he likes to repurpose vintage clothing and sell it for his side business “Ty’s Dyes”.

Ashley Rasband

Creative Associate

Ashley is ambitious having had multiple unique experiences before even graduating high school. She’s an artist and athlete at heart. Ashley helps our creative team make excellent creative advertisements that sell for our clients. In her free time, Ashley likes to water ski and paint.

Kate Page

Creative Associate

Kate is thorough and detailed. She has extensive experience with graphic design and creative strategy. Kate helps the creative team create advertisements for our clients that sell. Kate is passionate about music, design, and spending quality time hiking, playing pickleball, and watching movies with her husband.

Lydia Velazquez

Content Specialist

Lydia is precise and thoughtful. She has the special ability to understand the customers perspective and how best to appeal to them through content. Lydia helps with content and editing for all deliverables to our clients. During off hours, Lydia loves attending music and art festivals as well as watching independent films.

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